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SPARQ Availability

SPARQ is available

PY17 Quarter 3 Close

The PY17 Q3 QPRs will be frozen on April 17. Here is the detailed schedule:
11 PM EDT, Friday, April 13 - All PY17 Q3 data should be entered into SPARQ.
Morning of Monday, April 16 - All grantees should review their QPRs and DQRs. It is strongly recommended that no additional data be entered. Please use this time solely to resolve errors.
12 noon EDT, Tuesday, April 17 - SPARQ will close for the processing of the Q3 QPRs. Any data entered after noon on April 17 will not be reflected in the PY17 Q3 QPRs.

2018 Health and Human Services Poverty Guidelines Adapted for SCSEP

The 2018 poverty guidelines have been announced.  They are available in the Federal Register at https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2018/01/18/2018-00814/annual-update-of-the-hhs-poverty-guidelines and on the USDHHS website at https://aspe.hhs.gov/poverty-guidelines.  The effective date is January 13, 2018.  A TEGL will be issued shortly.

The latest poverty guidelines can be accessed here

Release 7.4
Release 7.4 has been deployed.  For further information click here
PY17 Q2 QPRs are final.

PY17 Q1 QPRs are final.
Release 7.3
Release 7.3 has been deployed.  For more information click here
PY16 End-of-Year QPRs are final.

Modified Positions on SCSEPED.org

SCSEPED.org is now displaying enrollments as of 10/2/17 in all tables for Q2 PY 2017.

Starting with Q1 PY 2017, SCSEPED.org is now carrying modified positions in addition to authorized positions. There are three new menu items for Modified Positions by State, Modified Positions by Grantee, and Download Modified Positions. In addition, the Maps function now displays counts of modified positions rather than authorized positions. Home and Definitions have been revised to reflect these changes. 
PY 2017 Authorized Positions have been Uploaded to SPARQ.

Grantee should now allocate their PY 2017 positions to their sub-grantees and associate all of the counties they are authorized to serve to their sub-grantees.  Instructions can be found at:


Grantees should complete the allocation process by September 2.  Shortly after that, SPARQ will use the allocations and minimum wages by county to generate customized modified positions for all grantees and sub-grantees.

Please contact SCEP Help (help@scsep-help.com) if you have any questions or need assistance.  

PY 2017 Authorized Positions and Enrollments as of July 1, 2017

SCSEPED.org:  Q1 PY 2017 has been updated with the PY 2017 authorized positions and the enrollments as of July 1, 2017. The 2017 map reflects the same Q1 PY 2017 data. Q4 PY 2016 has also been updated with the enrollments as of July 1, 2017 to reflect ED status as of the end of PY 2016.

PY2016 Quarter 5

Please note that between July 1, 2017, and September 30, 2017, we will be in the period of the SCSEP program year referred to as “Quarter 5” –  the period when you are still working on PY16 data to finalize your PY16 QPRs, but are already entering PY17 data.

With respect to the errors for CSA hours and waiver factors that appear on the error reports (DQRs and EDQPs) during “Quarter 5;” the edits on these fields apply to the CSA hours and waiver factors for a specific program year. The program year is determined by how your error report was generated:

  • When you generate a PY16 QPR (either Q4 or End-of-Year), the errors will refer to the PY16 CSA hours and waiver factors.
  • When you refresh an EDQP or generate a PY17 Q1 QPR, the errors will refer to the PY17 CSA hours and waiver factors.
  • If you generate a PY16 QPR and then someone refreshes the EDQP for an individual participant, any errors on the PY16 fields for that participant will disappear, even though the data have not been provided or corrected.

You should generate your Q5 QPRs frequently (as often as once each day) during this period, to be sure all PY16 data issues have been resolved.

PY16 Quarter 4 QPRs

The PY16 Quarter 4 QPRs are final

Sub-state Modified Positions
The Q2 PY16 QPRs at all levels use sub-state minimum wages to calculate modified slots. Mod slots are customized for each grantee and for each national grantee in a state by creating a weighted average based on PY15 authorized positions (AP) and minimum wages in each county in which the grantee operates. County minimum wages are adjusted based on any city minimum wages within each county. At the sub-grantee level, mod slots are based on the average weighted minimum wage in the territory served by the sub-grantee’s grantee and the sub-grantee’s own PY15 AP. This partial customization will be replaced with full customization of each sub-grantee’s mod slots in the next release of SPARQ, which is expected in May.

We will shortly update the Q3 authorized positions in SPARQ to reflect the PY16 AP after all approved post-award position swaps. We will also recalculate the mod slots using the PY16 AP. We will let you know when this has occurred.    
Q2 PY 2016 data are now available on InfoSPACE.
Q2 PY 2016 data are now available on InfoSPACE.
PY16 Quarter 3 close
The PY16 Quarter 3 QPRs are final
Persistent Unemployment 2014 - 2016 Table

For newly enrolled participants on or after January 1, 2017, you must use the new table to receive credit in the Most-in-Need measure on the PY16 QPR.

For any existing participant who was enrolled prior to January 1, 2017, you will receive credit in the Most-in- Need on the PY16 QPR if either the new table or the old table (2013-2015) supports the factor.

The table for 2012-2014 should only be used by data validators. Validators should refer to the Data Validation Handbook for details.

The most recent data can be accessed here

PY16 Quarter 2 close
The PY16 Quarter 2 QPRs are final and have been updated to include the sub-grantee authorized and modified positions. All levels now use sub-state minimum wages to calculate the modified slots. 
SPARQ Release 7.1 has been implemented.  Details about the contents of the release are available here
SPARQ Release 7.2 has been implemented.  Details about the contents of the release are available here
PY16 Validation of PY15 Data
The sample for the PY16 validation of PY15 data is available.  The updated version of the Data Validation Handbook will be available by mid-December.  In the meantime, data validators can use last year’s handbook to begin work on this year’s validation efforts. The deadline for PY16 validation of PY15 data is Friday, June 30, 2017. 
PY16 Quarter 1 QPRs
The PY16 Quarter 1 QPRs are final.
PY15 End-of-Year QPRs
The PY15 End-of-Year QPRs are final. 
2016 Q1 data on InfoSPACE
The 2016 Q1 data are now available on InfoSPACE. 
SPARQ Release 7.0 has been implemented.  Details about the contents of the release are available here


This site has been designed to assist you with all things relating to SPARQ.  We hope you find everything you need here.   To access information on SPARQ, please click on the links in the menu at the left.

Resetting Passwords

A security enhancement has been made to the SPARQ login page.  Previously, a user who forgot the password could request that the password be sent via e-mail.  Since it is not secure to send current passwords via e-mail, that function has been replaced.  The new function now allows a user to reset the password.  The following message is displayed at the bottom of the login screen:


To reset your password, enter your user ID then click here, and you will be sent an e-mail containing your temporary login information.


When the user logs in with the temporary password, it will be necessary to change the password immediately.  This new function can be used by a user who has forgotten the password, or by a user who has accidentally locked the account by entering an incorrect password three times.  Users with expired accounts will not be able to use this reset function.  Instead, they will receive the following message:


You cannot reset your password because your password is expired. Please contact your administrator

 For questions about your user ID or password, please contact your grantee administrator. 

For Technical Assistance and End User Support with SPARQ, contact BCT Partners:

    - By e-mail: help@scsep-help.com
    - By phone: (877) 404-0688
Please include your phone number and Sub-grantee name in your message.

For questions concerning SCSEP data element definitions and how to collect SCSEP data, visit The Charter Oak Group website at

You can also view the "Ask The Experts" forum on The Charter Oak Group website at:


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