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SPARQ Training Tutorials

 TitleDescriptionSizeModified DateCreated Date 
Opening WebDCSLogging in and setting user profiles1.03 MB8/16/20108/3/2010Download
Add ParticipantAdding a Participant and Enrollment record2.83 MB8/3/20108/3/2010Download
Add OrganizationAdding organizations and contacts1.19 MB8/3/20108/3/2010Download
Edit OrganizationEditing organizations or contacts1.28 MB8/3/20108/3/2010Download
Add CSA and Training RecordAdding a CSA assignment1.59 MB8/17/20108/3/2010Download
Non-UE ExitEnd a non-unsubsidized employment assignment1.31 MB8/17/20108/3/2010Download
Exit With PlacementExit a participant and create a placement record1.52 MB8/17/20108/3/2010Download
CSA Paid Hours and Training HoursEntering CSA Paid Hours and Training Hours950.86 KB8/3/20108/3/2010Download
Follow-up and Survey InformationAdding follow-up data and survey information1.04 MB8/3/20108/3/2010Download
Right of ReturnRecord right of return1.09 MB8/3/20108/3/2010Download