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SPARQ Updates in Prior Program Years
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SPARQ Updates 2010

SPARQ is now available! - Thursday, October 06, 2011
We are pleased to announce that SPARQ has been re-opened.  You are now able to access your End-of-Year QPRs for PY 2010.  Non-DCS submissions for the Q1 PY2011 QPR are also enabled.
SPARQ is now available. - Tuesday, August 16, 2011
We are pleased to announce that SPARQ has been re-opened and Release 5.1.3 is now available.  You are now able to access your Q4 QPRs for PY2010.  Non-DCS submissions for the PY2010 End-of-Year QPR are also enabled.
SPARQ 5.1 is now available/ Q4 deadline - Wednesday, July 06, 2011
We are pleased to announce that SPARQ has been re-opened and Release 5.1 is now available.  As noted below, we strongly recommend that all grantees run the Waiver of Durational Limit report at this time, and export a copy to save.  This report will show you everyone who will be reaching his or her durational limit during the next 12 months and may be valuable for planning and forecasting.
As previously announced, SPARQ 5.1 will include the following:

·Addition of a new “Participants Who Reached Durational Limit” management report
· Addition of Date of Birth to the “Waiver of Durational Limit” management report
· Requirement for a password when submitting DLEU requests

The planned locking of the records of participants beyond durational limit and the addition and revision of edits will be done in a future release.

Also, as announced on the all-grantee call, the Q4 close will occur in early August. For your convenience, the schedule is repeated here:

11 PM EDT, Wednesday, August 3
SPARQ will be shut down for non-DCS processing.  All PY10 Q4 data should be entered into SPARQ by that time, whether via the Web DCS or the non-DCS loader program.

Morning of Thursday, August 4
SPARQ will re-open when all non-DCS submissions have finished processing.  At this time, all grantees should take a final look at their DQRs.  If any cross-grantee errors have arisen, please notify BCT at once so that they may help resolve these issues.  No further non-DCS submissions will be possible, and it is strongly recommended that no additional data be entered via the Web DCS.  Please use this time solely to resolve any remaining errors.

 12 PM, Friday, August 5
SPARQ will be shut down for Q4 processing.

SPARQ is now available, and you are able to access your Q1 QPRs for PY2010.  Non-DCS submissions for the Q2 PY2010 QPR are also enabled.

In order to manage the transitions of participants nearing their durational limits, please log into SPARQ and use the Waiver of Durational Limit management report to view all of the current participants in your grant who are within 12 months of reaching their individual durational limit of 48 months.

While SPARQ was shut down, release 4.5 was implemented.  As announced on the all-grantee call, this release includes enhancements to Management Reports as well as to other functionality.  The attached document provides details about these changes.

In addition to these changes, a few processes have been altered in order to improve SPARQ Performance:

1.  In order to relieve some of the stress on the system during the day, the Current/Exited, Waiver of Durational Limit and Most-in-Need/Waiver Factor Action reports will be generated every morning at 1 a.m. Eastern time.  When these reports are accessed during the day, the results that were generated that morning will be displayed.  Changes made to the data during the day will not be reflected in these reports until the following day.
2.  All QPRs and DQRs will be generated every Saturday at 9 a.m. Eastern time.  It will still be possible to generate QPRs during the week, but we hope the weekly generations will reduce the number of daytime generations.

If you or your sub-grantees and local projects have any questions, please contact BCT Partners by email at help@scsep-help.com or by phone at 877-404-0688.