GPMS     December 4, 2022  
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Welcome to the Grantee Performance Management System (GPMS) site

For additional assistance, please contact the Zendesk Help Desk at: https://scsephelp.zendesk.com

SPARQ to GPMS Migration Status

GPMS is now available to all users. The data has been fully migrated over from SPARQ and is now the main system for managing SCSEP participant data and evaluating program performance.  

The implementation of the Current/Exited report has been delayed.  We are planning to deploy the report as soon as possible.

GPMS Availability
GPMS is now available.  
PY 2022 Allocation of Authorized Positions in GPMS

The PY 2022 authorized positions have been uploaded to GPMS. Grantees should now allocate their PY 2022 positions to their sub-grantees and associate all the counties they are authorized to serve to their sub-grantees.
Instructions are in section “4. Manage Authorized Positions” of the user guide. A copy of the user guide can be found at: http://scsep-help.com/dotnetnuke/GPMS.aspx.

Grantees should complete the allocation process by August 19, 2022. Shortly after that, GPMS will use the allocations and minimum wages by county to generate customized modified positions for all grantees and sub-grantees. 

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